About Us

we are simple pet mommies and daddies. seriously 🙂

No fancy schmancy, no funding and no big daddies, we are here to make it with the love and support of our furry friends and “cuddle greedy” daddies and mommies like you. 

one thing you can be assured of is the love that goes into every single product you buy from us. 

Genuine products, straight from the company warehouses. Since we maintain limited stock, its always the freshest available. 

Each product comes with a BETTERPET® promise. That you can rely on. Scan the QR code on the pack to know more about it.

Do join us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/cuddlesunlimited we would love to be in touch with you and your babies. send us love and lots of cuddly pics.

you can also write to us at cuddlespetlifestyle@gmail.com