Conscious | Care | Convenience

You provide food, shelter, safety, education, and entertainment—not to mention lve.

You are responsible for their medical care and treatment, as well as humanely caring for and protecting them from neglect and abuse. You know what’s best for your pet. No one knows their needs and desires better than you, and you want to maintain the right to provide the best care.

Inspired by your love, the joy of having pets and the responsibility of their care, we created the BETTERPET® PROGRAM

The 3Cs of the BETTERPET® PROGRAM helps you make decisions about the long term health and care you provide for your pet with the convenience of a hypermarket level choice delivered to your door. 

Each product comes with a unique QR code. Scan it with the BETTERPET® app or with a smart phone camera to benefit from the program. You will be prompted to verify your mobile number for safety purposes.

Please do this to ensure your product is 100% original and a genuine Cuddles Pet Lifestyle approved pack that has come directly from the brand warehouse. 

Having the sticker is an assurance on returns, exchange and refunds as well.

Conscious – Is this product right for my pet? 

Every little detail of the product is listed at a glance so that you can ensure that the choice you have made is safe for your pet. 

Read this section carefully before using the product. If the product is not suitable, please send it back to us, unopened and with labels and packaging intact for a suitable exchange. 

Care – We want you to come back for more!

Every now and then we will offer value additions like new product samples, birthday vouchers, giveaways and more.

Connect with us to be a part of the celebrations!

Convenience – Set a Subscription for Regular Needs

Did you forget to order pet food? and the store is now closed?

Did the store run out of the brand and type your baby is used to?

Every one of us has a memory lapse sometime and we are here to solve that. Subscribe to our pet food, grooming, preventive care products and set the frequency of delivery. Easy prepayment online for a hasslefree convenient delivery.

This is possible even when you are not at home!


We are fully committed to pets and pat parents and understand the challenges of bringing up pets. We want to assure you that we are always available to help in whatever way possible to make pet care a joy, bringing ease of access of world class products to ensure a happy pet and a relaxed parent. 

Should you need any product or service at any point in time, please do reach out to us on

In case of any unfortunate event with a product or service ordered through us, please let us know first.

We will try our best to delight you in the best possible manner.