Miniature dog breeds are those that are small and stay small throughout their life.

  • They are easy to transport, making them excellent travel companions
  • They don’t eat much, so food costs are reasonable.
  • Many were bred for centuries solely to be companions, so they have learned how to do this job very well.
  • They are easier to manage overall.
  • They make excellent choices for first-time dog owners.
  • They thrive in virtually any environment

Beyond the obvious similarities, miniature dog breeds vary widely according to temperament, activity levels, grooming needs, trainability, friendliness, and affection levels.

Remember, the one thing that all miniature dog breeds have in common is that cuteness factor.  It ‘s hard to resist that tiny puffball with such a big personality.

All of these Dogs are 22 pounds (10 kg) or smaller.

Height:  10-12 in (25-30 cm)Weight:  8-13 lb (4-6 kg)Origin:  GermanyEase of Training:  Moderate

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kai

Height:  Up to 13 in  (33 cm)  (Toy)
13-15 in   (33-38 cm)  (Miniature)
15-17   (38-44 cm)  (Standard)Weight:  Up to 9 lb.  (4 kg)  Toy
9-15 lb (4-7 kg)  Miniature
15-22 lb  ( 7-10 kg)  StandardOrigin:  USAEase of Training:  Moderate

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog

Height:  15-19 in  Standard
12-15 in Miniature
9-12 in  ToyWeight: 20-40 lb Standard
11-20 lb Miniature
6-10 lb ToyOrigin:  USAEase of Training: Moderate

American HairlessAmerican Hairless
Height: 10-18 in (25-46 cm)Weight: 7-13 lb (3-6 kg)Origin:  USAEase of Training:




Australian TerrierAustralian Terrier

Australian Terrier

Height:  Up to 10 in (Up to 26 cm)Weight:  Up to 15 lb (Up to 7 kg)Origin:  AustraliaEasy of Training:  Easy



Height:  16-17 in (40-43 cm)Weight:  20-24 lb (9-11 kg)Origin:  Central AfricaEase of Training:  Challenging





Height:  13-16 in (33-40 cm)Weight: 20-24 lb (9-11 kg)Country of Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Moderate

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Height: 16 in (41 cm)Weight:  17.5-23 lb (8-10.5 kg)Origin:  UKEasy of Training:  Easy to Moderate



Bichon Frise

Bichon Frisé

Height: Up to 12 in ( 30 cm)Weight:  6-13 lb  (3-6 kg)Origin:  France/ BelgiumEase of Training:  Easy

Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier

Height:  Up to 8.5 in (22 cm)Weight:  Up to 7 lb (3.1 cm)Origin:  GermanyEase of Training:  Moderate






Height: 10-12 in  ( 25-30 cm)Weight:  5.5 – 8.8 lb  (2.5-4 kg)Origin:  ItalyEase of Training:  Easy




Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Border Terrier  Height: 13 in (33 cm)Weight: 11-16 lb  (5-7 kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Height:  15-17 in (38-43 cm)Weight 11-24 lb (5-11 kg)Origin:  USAEase of Training:  Easy to Moderate



Brazilian TerrierBrazilian Terrier

Brazilian Terrier

Height:  13-16 in (33-40 cm)  Males are largerWeight:  Up to 22 lb (10 kg)Origin:  BrazilEase of Training:  Moderate



Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Also Known As Griffon BruxelloisHeight: 10 in (25 cm)Weight:  About 9 lb ( 4 kg)Origin:  BelgiumEase of Training:  Easy to Moderate



Cairn TerrierCairn Terrier
Height: 11-12 in (28-31 cm)Weight:  13-18 lb (6-8 kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Height: 10 -13 in ( 25-43 cm)Weight:  10-19 lb (4-9 kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Easy




Cesky TerrierCesky Terrier
Height:  10-13 in (25-32 cm)Weight:  13-22 lb(6-10 kg)Origin:  Czech RepublicEase of Training:  Moderate



Height: 5 in (13 cm)Weight:  1-6 lb  (0.5-2.5 kg)Origin:  MexicoEase of Training:  Easy




Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Chinese Crested

Height: 9-13 in  (23-33 cm)Weight:  Up to 12 lb  (5.5 kg)Origin:  ChinaEase of Training:  Easy



Coton de Tuléar

Coton de Tuléar

Height: 10-11 in (25-28 cm)Weight:  12-15 lb  (5-7 kg)Origin:  MadagascarEase of Training:  Easy





Height: (Toy) Up to 12 in (30 cm)
(Dwarf) 12-13.7 in (30-35 cm)
(Standard) 13.75 in  (35 cm)Weight:  (Toy) Up to 9 lb  (4kg)
(Dwarf) 14.4 lb (7 kg)
(Standard) Over 14.4 lb (Over 7 kg)Origin: GermanyEase of Training:  Medium


Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Height:  8-10 inWeight:  16.6 lb  (8 kg.)Origin:  Great BritainEase of Training:  Easy

Dandie Dinmont TerrierDandie Dinmont Terrier

Dutch Smoushond

Height:  14-17 in (35-42 cm)Weight:  20-22 lb (9-10 kg)Origin:  The NetherlandsEase of Training:

Dutch Smoushond Dog BreedDutch Smoushond

English Toy Spaniel
AKA King Charles Spaniel

Height:  8-12 in (22-30 cm)Weight:  7.7014.3 lb  (3.5-6.5 kg)Origin:  Great BritainEase of Training:  Easy

English Toy SpanielEnglish Toy Spaniel

French BulldogFrench Bull Dog

Height:  12 in  (30 cm)

Weight:  13-26.5 lb  (6-12 kg)
Origin:  France
Ease of Training:  Very Easy

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Fox Terrier (Smooth  & Wire)

Height:  15 in (39 cm)

Weight:  17.5 lb  (8 kg)
Origin:  Great Britain
Ease of Training:  Medium
Fox Terrier (Smooth)

German Hunting Terrier (Jagdterrier)

German Hunting Terrier

Height:  13-16 in (33-40 cm)

Weight:  18-22 lb (8-10 kg)
Origin:  Germany
Ease of Training: Challenging



Height:  8-11 in  (20-28 cm)

Weight:  13 lb  (6 kg)
Origin:  Western Mediterranean
Training:  Easy

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

Height:  13-15 in  (32-38 cm)

Weight:  11 lb  (5 kg)
Origin:  Italy
Ease of Training:  Easy

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier

Height:  10-12 in (25-30 cm)

Weight:  11-13lb (5-6kg)
Origin:  UK
Ease of Training:  Challenging

Japanese Chin

Height:  11 in  (28 cm)Weight:  6.6 lb  (3 kg)Origins:  JapanEase of Training:  Easy

Japanese Chin

Japanese Spitz

Height:  12-15 in  (30-38 cm)Weight:  11 lb  (5 kg)Origin:  JapanEase of Training:  Easy

Japanese SpitzJapanese Spitz

Japanese Terrier

Height:  15-16 in  (38-42 cm)Weight: 17-18 lb  (7.6-8 kg)Origin:  JapanEase of Training:  Medium

Japanese TerrierJapanese Terrier

Kyi Leo

Height:  9-11 in  (23-28 cm)Weight:  9-13 lb  (4-6 kg)Origin:  United StatesEase of Training:  Medium

Kyi LeoKyi Leo

Lakeland Terrier

Height:  14 in  (36 cm)Weight:  Up to 17 lb  ( Up to 7.7 kg)Origin:  Great BritainEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Lakeland TerrierLakeland Terrier

Lancashire Heeler

Height:  10-12 in(25-31 cm)Weight:  7-13 lb  (3-6 kg)Origin: Great BritainEase of Training:  Challenging

Lancashire Heeler Dog BreedLancashire Heeler

Lhasa Apso

Height:  Approx. 10 in ( 25 cm)Weight:  Approx. 13-22 lb (6-10 kg)Origin:  TibetEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Lhasa Apso Dog BreedLhasa Apso

Petit chien lion
Little Lion Dog

Height:  12.5 in  (32 cm)Weight:  11 lb  (5 kg)Origin:  FranceEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Löwchen Dog BreedLöwchen

Lundehund (Norwegian)

Height:  12.5 – 15 in (32-38 cm)Weight: 13.2-17.6 lb ( 6-8 kg)Origin:  NorwayEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Lundehund (Norwegian)Lundehund (Norwegian)


Height:  8-10 in  (20-25 cm)Weight:  4-6.6 lb  (2-3 kg)Origin:  ItalyEase of Training:  Medium

Maltese Dog BreedMaltese Dog Breed

Manchester Terrier (Toy)
English Toy Terrier
Blue and Tan Toy Terrier

Height:  15-16 in (38-41 cm)Weight:  11-22 lb  (5-10 kg)Origin:  Great BritainEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Manchester Terrier (Toy)Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Miniature Pinscher

Height:  10-12 in  (25-30 cm)Weight:  8.8 lb (4 kg)Origin:  GermanyEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Miniature PinscherMiniature Pinscher

Miniature Poodle

Height:  11-14 in  (28-35 cm)Weight:  15.5 lb (7 kg)Origin:  FranceEase of Training:  Easy

Miniature Poodle Dog BreedMiniature Poodle

Miniature Schnauzer

Height:  12-14 in  (30-36 cm)Weight: 13-15 lb  6-8 kg)Origin:  GermanyEase of Training:  Easy to Medium

Miniature SchnauzerMiniature Schnauzer

Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed

Norfolk Terrier

Height:  9-10in (22-25 cm)Weight:  11-13 lb ( 5-6 kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Average



Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

Norwich Terrier

Height:  10 in (25-26 cm)Weight:  10-12lb (5-6kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Average

Papillon Dob Breed

Continental Toy Spaniel

Height: 8-11 in (20-28 cm)Weight: 9-10 lb (4-6 kg)Origins: FranceEase of Training:  Easy

Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier

Height:  13-14 in (33-36 cm)Weight:  13-18 lb (6-8 kg)Origin:Ease of Training: Challenging  UK



Pekingese Dog Breed


Height: 6-9 in (15-23 cm)Weight:  7-12 lb. (3-5.5kg)Origins: ChinaEase of Training: Challenging


Same as Papillon except for ears

Height:  8-11.5 in  (20-29 cm)

 Weight:  8.8-10 lb  (4-4.5 kg)Origin:  France/BelgiumEase of Training:  Easy


HPomeranianeight: 9-11 in (22-28 cm)Weight:4-6 lb ( 2-2.5 kg)Origins: GermanyEase of Training:Easy


Portuguese Podengo

Height: 8-12 in (20-31 cm)Weight: 9-13 lb (4-6 kg)Origins: PortugalEase of Training: Medium

Portuguese PodengoPortuguese Podengo

Pražský Krysařík

(AKA (Prague Ratter)

Height:  6-9 in (16-22 cm)Weight: 2-6 lb (1-3 kg)Origins: Czech RepublicEase of Training:  Medium

Pražský KrysaříkPražský Krysařík or Prague Ratter


Height: 10-12 in (25-30 cm)Weight: 14-18lb (6.3-8 kg)Origins: ChinaEase of Training: Easy

Pug Dog Breed

Rat Terrier

Height: 8-14 in (20-36 cm) smaller
14-22 in (36-56 cm) StandardWeight: 7-9 lb (3-4 kg)
11-35 lb (5-16 kg)Origins: U.S.A.Ease of Training: Easy to Mediu

Rat TerrierRat Terrier

Russian Toy (A.K.A. Russkiy Toy)

Height: 8-11 in (20-28 cm)Weight: Up to 7 lb (Up to 3 kg)Origins: RussiaEase of Training: Medium

Russian Toy Terrier


Height:  9-13 in (22-33 cmWeight:  7-18 lb (3-8 kg)Origins: BelgiumEase of Training: Medium


Scottish Terrier

Height:  10-11 in (25-28 cm)Weight: 20-24 lb (9-11 kg)Origin:  UK (Scotland)Ease of Training:  Challenging

Scottish TerrierScottish Terrier

Sealyham Terrier

Height:  10-12 in (25-30 cm)Weight:  18-20 lb (8-9 kg)Origin:  UKEase of Training:  Challenging

Sealyham TerrierSealyham Terrier

Shetland Sheepdog

Height:  12-15 in (35-37 cm)Weight:  13-15 lb (6-7 kg)Origins:  ScotlandEase of Training: Easy

Shetland SheepdogShetland Sheepdog

Shiba Inu

Height: 14-16 in (35-40 cm)Weight: 18-22 lb (8-10kg)Origins: JapanEase of Training: Challenging

Shiba Inu

Shih Tzu

Height: 10-11 in  (25-27 cm)Weight: 9-16 lb (4-7.5 kg)Origins: ChinaEase of Training: Medium

Shih Tzu

Silky Terrier
(AKA Australian Silky Terrier)

Height:  Up to 9 in (Up to 23 cm)Weight:  Up to 9 lb (Up to 4 kg)Origin:  AustraliaEase of Training:Challenging:

Silky Terrier (Australian Silky Terrier)Silky Terrier

Skye Terrier

Height: 9-10 in (23-25 cm)Weight:  19-23 lb (8.5-10.5 kg)Origins: UK (Great Britain)Ease of Training: Challenging

Skye TerrierSkye Terrier

Swedish Vallhund

Height: 12-14 in  (31-35 cm)Weight: 25-35 lb (12-16 cm)Origins:  SwedenEase of Training: Medium

Swedish VallhundSwedish Vallhund

Tibetan Spaniel

Height: 10 in (25 cm)Weight: 9-13 lb (4-7 kg)Origins: Tibet or ChinaEase of Training: Challenging

Tibetan SpanielTibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Terrier

Height: 14-16 in (35-41 cm)Weight: 17-31 lb (8-14kg)Origins: TibetEase of Training: Medium

Tibetan TerrierTibetan Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

Height: 9-12 in (23-30 cm)Weight: 3.5-7 lb   (2-3 kg)Origins: U.S.A.Ease of Training: Medium

Toy Fox TerrierToy Fox Terrier

Toy Mexican Hairless

Height: 11-12 in (28-30 cm)Weight: 9-18 lb (4-8 kg)Origins:  MexicoEase of Training:  Challenging

Xoloitzcuintle or Toy Mexican HairlessToy Mexican Hairless (A.K.A. Xoloitzcuintle)

Toy Poodle

Height: 10-11 in (25-28 cm)Weight: 6-9 lb (2.5-4 kg)Origins:  FranceEase of Training:  Easy

Toy PoodleToy Poodle

Tsvetnaya Bolonka

Height: 7-10 in (17-25 cm)Weight: Not SpecifiedOrigins: RussiaEase of Training: Average

Tsvetnaya BolonkaTsvetnaya Bolonka

(AKA Cane de Quirinale

Height: 11-12 in (27-30 cm)Weight: 9-11 lb (4-5 kg)Origins: ItalyEase of Training: Easy


Welsh Terrier

Height:  Up to 15 in (Up to 39 cm)Weight:  20-22 lb (9-10 kg)Origin:  UK (Wales)Ease of Training:  Medium

Welsh Terrier

  West Highland White Terrier

Height:  10-11 in (25-28 cm)Weight:  15-22 lb (7-10 kg)Origins:  UKEase of Training: Medium

West Highland White Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Height:  8-9 in (20-23 cm)Weight:  7 lb  (Up to 3 kg)Origins:  UKEase of Training: Medium

Yorkshire Terrier